February 1, 2023

January is at an end, and I thought I’d share a few records I enjoyed that came out in the first month of 2023. Top of the pile is A Short Diary from Sebastian Rochford & Kit Downes — a subtle, delicate set of percussion & piano-led jazz that I’ve had on repeat since it came out on ECM a couple of weeks ago. Others I’ve enjoyed, in no particular order:

Fireworks — Higher Lonely Power
Liela Moss — Internal Working Model
Jadu Heart — Derealised
Jonah Yano — Portrait of a Dog
The Tubs — Dead Meat
White Reaper — Asking For A Ride
Bass Drum of Death — Say I Won’t
Illiterate Light — Sunburned

• • •

Today, we’re headed into London to catch Metric — who made my favourite record of last year — live at the Roundhouse!