Hi, hello, how are you? My name is Adam Wood; I live in Oxford, where I spend my time grinding coffee, making playlists, and getting nostalgic over ’90s movies.

This site is my all-purpose notebook on the web. As such, there’s a possibility it could occasionally get high volume & low context. If you’d prefer a quieter experience, I’ve collated the best posts from the last decade-plus, right over here.

I have a newsletter — Tendrils — which is currently on hiatus over winter, and may resume in spring ’23. You can browse the archive, and consider signing up, right over here.

Each summer I run Sipped Ink: a read-along of a lengthy novel, for a growing group of likeminded readers. In the eight volumes so far, we’ve covered books from David Foster Wallace; Haruki Murakami; Hanya Yanagihara; Roberto Bolaño; Donna Tartt; Margaret Atwood; Marlon James; & Maggie Shipstead. You can find the archives of those read-alongs (reads-along?), and sign up for the next one over here.

Late each December, I publish a write-up of my favourite 20 albums released during the year. This has been going on for more than two decades, and you can find those lists over here.


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