Sipped Ink vol 1 — Infinite Jest

This is the archive of a series of weekly emails sent out in 2014 to a group of readers participating in the inaugural Sipped Ink read-along. I would not, at this point, recommend trying to use this to assist with your own reading of David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. For one thing, somewhere around issues 8 & 9 I got dreadfully behind and used the newsletter principally to complain about that, instead of doing any actual analysis of the text! Less directly my fault: there will also be broken links where referenced material has since been removed from the web.

The below is preserved mostly for archival purposes and just in case it’s of interest. There is undoubtedly some good stuff here if you care to dig it out. Subsequent years saw the development of Sipped Ink into something a little more polished — you might actually be able to use those archives to read along with.

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