Sipped Ink vol 2 — The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

The below is an archive of emails sent out to participants in the second annual Sipped Ink read-along; this one tackled Haruki Murakami’s 1997 magical realist opus The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. As with all of these archives there will be things that make a limited amount of sense outside of the context of a weekly newsletter; there will be broken links where people have moved or removed content from external sources. But, with all that said, I hope you can get something from this material if you’re about to embark on the strange journey of Murakami’s novel.

(Oh, it also bears mentioning that where you see references to ‘Clockwork Summer’, that was a title for this second volume of the read-along project, prior to the whole enterprise having the name Sipped Ink. Were we ever so young?)

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