Star Wars Day ’22

Happy Star Wars Day to you. As has become tradition, I’ve updated my checklist of canon media, and you can grab a PDF here or the plain text version here. This is a checklist of (as near as I can make it) every item of canon Star Wars media intended for young adults and above. (There are several books, comics, and cartoon shorts intended for a younger audience not included here, though they are canon; please don’t consider this list absolutely exhaustive, but I think it’s a good basis for an adult or young adult looking to get a sense of the canon.) You can find other versions of things like this elsewhere on the web, but this is a list I’ve put together for myself, and which I use when reading, watching, and playing my way through all things Star Wars.

My thanks as always in this endeavour go to the folks who maintain Wookieepedia’s indispensable ‘Timeline of Canon Media’: a sortable list of all canon material, and also to the Star Wars Explained YouTube channel.

I hope you have a fantastic day, and MTFBWY!

• • •

A couple more Star Wars-related bullets:

  1. Hilariously, a friend has already been in touch to point out that I text him this time last year with quite a different list!  ↩︎