not only am i the owner, i also sweep the floors
07 Nov 2022, 14:11:29

I watched exactly 100 films in 2020; I watched 103 films in 2021; it’s only April, and I’ve watched 51 movies so far in 2022.
24 Apr 2022, 17:55:48

I started my day watching the Bulls lose by 30, and ended it watching the Cubs win by 21.
23 Apr 2022, 22:16:29

I love that Frank Schwindel comes up to The Offspring’s ‘Self Esteem’ (1994).
22 Apr 2022, 10:13:41

Really proud of the effort the Bulls played with last night; series 1-1.
21 Apr 2022, 16:54:56

Did not manifest.
18 Apr 2022, 16:30:49

Imagining a world in which I wake up tomorrow to find that the Bulls have won their first game of the playoffs.
17 Apr 2022, 22:22:12

Fun that Stroman’s first K as a Cub, and Suzuki’s first HR as a Cub, come in the same game.
10 Apr 2022, 19:50:53

Clinching a spot in the playoffs is good. A 0-4 season record against your first round opponents, and -59 score differential: not so good. Still, it’s 0-0 once the postseason starts.
06 Apr 2022, 13:38:39

Tunde Adebimpe stacking the dishwasher in Rachel Getting Married
04 Apr 2022, 16:57:13

A good game for Williams; a 50 piece for DeMar; and a tough comeback OT win — that could all be good for this Bulls team headed into the postseason.
01 Apr 2022, 15:28:21